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Businesses, and the people in them, are always changing, evolving and flexing.  That's what makes being a business owner so rewarding, and it also creates some of the biggest pain points and opportunities for improvement.   Whether business growth, consolidation, merger, acquisition, new technology, business re-location or some other kind of change is on your agenda, our consultants  can help you with the plan to get it right.

But what really sets us apart is our commitment to helping you execute the plan successfully, and that always involves people.  

  • Getting and keeping the right people, making sure the business culture is on point and ready to grab the opportunities you see, and getting the structure right so people do the right things every day without being told.

    This is what we do:  from strategic planning to ‘on the ground’ implementation of business growth initiatives, re-sizing or redundancy consultation processes and outplacement support.

    Our objective is to get you through your change process in good shape with minimum risk and maximum attention to the ongoing performance of your business.  Convert business strategy into the right people outcomes with confidenceGet the right changes into your business now

    Get the right people structure
  • Help yourself and your team during change 
  • Mitigate employment relations risk 
  • Get to the other side of change in good shape

Strategy and Planning

When you're running a business you need strategies to ensure you're doing the right things with, and for, your business.  You want it to delivery for you and your other stakeholders and you want to make sure you can articulate and reach your business goals.

Businesses are more successful when their strategy and business plans are captured in a way that is easily explainable to everyone in the business, where the layers of confidentiality are protected without losing the motivation of a shared purpose.  A good plan is like your GPS, it shows you alternative ways of getting to where you want to go and helps you choose the best route.

  • Identify your personal long term goals
  • Integrate the goals of all stakeholders in the business
  • Document your strategic and business plans in a way that works for you
  • Know your short, medium and long term focus areas that will get you where you want to go
  • Convert these into financial and operational plans for the current year
  • Be able to talk with confidence about what you're wanting to achieve
  • Share your plans with your team so they fell engaged and part of the success

Get HR Compliant

Get your business HR compliant using our knowledge and expertise.  There is lots of legislation, not to mention case law, that establish the obligations you face as an employer.  Using our expert on-line, telephone and face to face support you can rest easily knowing that we can help identify the compliance gaps you have and then we'll provide pragmatic advice so that your business can keep moving forward. 

  • Employment agreements 
  • Policy and procedures documentation
  • HR audit
  • Positions descriptions and setting role expectations
  • Rostering, leave and pay entitlements
  • Performance management systems
  • Disciplinary processes
  • Personal grievance & mediation support

Build Your Health & Safety Culture

Here at P4S Consulting we're about helping you implement the right tools for your business and making sure your Health and Safety systems work for you. 

So if you know you need to do something about Health and Safety in your business and want to utilise Worksafe and other Government approved processes then talk to us about how we can provide you with coaching and support to implement these well in your business.

P4S Consulting’s specialist People Consultants understand that it isn’t all about the systems, it’s about providing you with the support you need to implement the systems and gain the commitment of your team.  

Our consultants work directly with you and provide approved documentation, coach you through the process, create accountability and help you train and facilitative the changes that are needed with your team.Provide clarity on what you need in your business

  • Compliant Health and Safety Systems and documentation
  • Ongoing support through the implementation phase
  • Regular monitoring
  •  Help with team training and buy in
  • Statistical analysis and comparison so you can track your performance

Get Good Governance

Governance is about putting good strategic input into your business on a regular basis to help you achieve your business goals.  It doesn’t necessarily mean ‘board’ and it doesn’t mean other people suddenly telling you what to do with your business.

We are specialists in helping SME's get good and flexible governance that works for the business and the business owners.  We have access to experts and we can help you become an expert in the aspects of governance that are exciting to you.
Join one of our GEAR-UP programmes or arrange some coaching today to help you take strategy in your business to the next level.

  • Work out what good governance will look like for your business
  • Work out a governance plan and how you can actually make this happen
  • Get practical tools to help get your governance journey started
  • Build networks of people who can help you
  • Get ongoing coaching and support
  • Get access to skilled and experienced strategic consultants across a range of functional and industry specialisms
  • Identify succession opportunities and issues for your business and get help to build a plan


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