Working Smarter Not Harder

Behind every great business are systems that keep it running. After 12 years we’re upgrading our recruitment software to ensure we continue to provide quick visibility on jobs that are right for our valued applicants and a recruitment experience that’s user friendly and fit for purpose in today’s fast paced recruitment environment.

From 1 March the People4Success recruitment experience will be powered by i-Get. The i-Get database will hold applicant information on behalf of People4Success and will be a less complicated process to find your next career move.
If you have previously registered with us as an applicant you should receive an email asking you to reset your password on our new i-Get system. It’s quick and easy as your data has already been transferred to the new system so please take the few minutes to do this so that we can continue to provide you with job alerts for roles that could be of interest to you.
There’s also a chance for you to update and re-select job categories and industries to make sure the full range of jobs you want to consider is current and also an ‘onboarding’ tab if you want to help us to tailor our contact with you even more. 

If you have received the email already please follow the 'activation' link in the email using your individual login details; if however you haven't received this and you are keen to check it out and create your own candidate profile then click here.

And if you are a client of ours, you can just sit back and relax - it's business as usual but our i-Get system will allow a more streamlined recruitment process of which we hope will benefit you also.
Thanks for being part of our People4Success community.


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