In demand roles for future

The world is changing and so is the job market, a great question to ask is what kind of roles will be in demand in the future, so that you can upskill now and future proof your career.

Health, wellbeing and care workers

There has been a long-term shortage of qualified staff in the health and wellbeing sector and this isn’t going to change over time. With an aging population and an increased mental health needs in the community, developing a career in this industry could be a great long-term career decision.

Roles that will be particularly in demand include;

  • Personal trainers
  • Physiotherapist
  • Nutritionists or dieticians
  • Mental health workers and counsellors
  • Geriatric care workers and assistants

IT and Online workers

We all know that technology is changing the way we work. Covid 19 for example, proved how “working from home” is now a real viable business model. How we would have coped with Level 4 lock down without the current advances in technology probably isn’t worth thinking about.

Roles that are and will continue to be in demand include;

  • Online influencers
  • Social media experts 
  • Website and online developers
  • IT technicians and developers
  • Marketing and communications advisors
  • Robotics and programme developers

In short, if you think long term you could make a decision today that will help secure your career in the future.


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