The Working from Home Future - What might your Team Members ask for?

As we wait for the Government’s announcement on Thursday of what ‘Level 2’ looks like, we think it’s worth taking a breath and thinking about how you want your business to look in the medium and longer term moving forward.

Much has been made of ‘home working’ during Levels four and three but it is important to remember that for most businesses this was a forced and rushed work location change.  In normal real life there are considerations around workload, planning, health and safety and facilities that need to be considered if ‘working from home’ is going to become a new normal for some of your team.  

We are staunch believers in a robust, written down ‘home working’ contract if this type of work arrangement is going to extend for any period and, like any business policy, it has to be implemented fairly and in balanced and pro-active way across the business.  Don’t let the urgency of circumstance leave you uncovered for every eventuality if home working continues in your business.

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