Spring is in the air

It’s such a lovely time of the year for us to think about what we’re doing for ourselves and for those around us.  Following on from our focus last month on wellbeing I thought that this month it might be a good idea to look outside of ourselves and think about the people and community around us.

Giving back in some way is critical to personal wellbeing, but most of the time we don’t even realise we’re doing it:  That smile to the person walking the other way on the street, that extra bit of rubbish you pick up beside the bin because when you threw your piece of paper you missed too, the encouraging glance you give to that kid on the bike who’s trying to do a wheel stand for the first time….all of these things add value to others and enhance you at the same time.

So as Spring sets in, think about the little things you can do that make a positive difference to others….start adding them up, it’s amazing how quickly the credits for your health and wellbeing will accumulate….


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