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The Four Fundamentals Programme





New to a supervisory role or wanting to get there? This programme will help you get some fundamental skills nailed…



People4Success' Four Fundamentals programme is for those who are taking on some supervisory responsibilities and want to know the 'how to'. Devised by management and leadership specialists, this programme works across industries to help people make that first transition into supervisory or management roles.


The Four Fundamentals to help you be successful in your first supervisory or management role are:

·       Involving and engaging your people

·       Getting organised

·       Delegating the right jobs to the right people

·       Running good team meetings


This programme is about making sure you know what to do at work every day to make sure your team (and therefore you) are successful.


ü  Get your team ‘on the bus’

ü  Get them (and yourself) organised

ü  Work out the best use of your time

ü  Delegate the right jobs to the right people

ü  Run great team meetings which are worth coming to

ü  Walk away with an action plan that is really going to make a difference



Four Fundamentals Programme - 6th December, Te Awamutu

Four Fundamentals Programme - 31st January, Canterbury

Four Fundamentals Programme - 07th March, Te Awamutu

Four Fundamentals Programme - 20th March, Southland