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Step Back and Lead Programme





Is it time to take a step back from your business?

Are you uncertain or worried about how to do this?

Looking for some frank and pragmatic advice to get to where you want to be? 


People4Success' Steps Back & Lead Programme is for those who want to take their business to the next level through effective leadership of their people and teams. The programme focuses on devleoping the skills you need to free up your operation time in the business. 

The Step Back & Lead Programme rigourously examines the importance of building reliable leadership behaviours that will empower your team to run your business for you, allowing you to free up time to take a more strategic focus on your business or take time off!

You will be challenged, asked hard questions, measured through a 360° process and exposed to ideas and experiences that will help you develop, get feedback and ultimately become the leader you want to be.

This is a two-day intensive programme with pre programme work and post programme assessment. Included is follow up on-phone coaching support and a group follow-up session to share implementation experiences, learning and to reset your next leadership goals.


ü Pre-programme 360°

ü Identify business leadership goals

ü Work out how to get there

ü Develop the skills to get there

ü Get the feedback others may not be brave enought to give you

ü Post programme coaching

ü Post programme 360° re-assessment


UPCOMING DATES - (Two full days, plus one follow-up day)

Step Back Days 1 & 2 Programme - 07th & 08th February, Te Awamutu

Step Back Day 3 Programme - 12th March, Te Awamutu

Please note lunch is included. If your require accommodation we can assist with arranging this.