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Got People Problems?  

Need help to take your business performance to the next level?


People4Success will provide you with the advice, support and tools you need to resolve issues and keep your business on track.  From mediation and dispute resolution through to coaching and the implementation of great systems - we can help...

People4Success' specialist HR Consultants provide expert on-line, telephone and face-to-face support. They will examine your employment issues and provide pragmatic advice so that your business can keep moving forward.  Whether it is restructuring, redundancy, a personal grievance or a culture change program, our adbice will ensure your resolution is as efficient and pain free as possible and, most importantly, compliant with legislation.


How can we help

ü   Performance Management

ü   Dispute and discipline advice

ü   Grievance and mediation support

ü   Change management

ü   Staff surveys and 360 questionnaires

ü   Remuneration

ü   Increasing capacity through systemisation and coaching

ü   Exit interviews

ü   360 Staff surveys



ü   Resolution

ü   Change

ü   Forward momentum


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HR Audit



Three out of four dairy farming businesses have been caught breaking basic employment laws in a government crackdown by MBIE in April 2014.


At People4Success we take pride in the rual sector and want to work with businesses to ensure they are doing the right things to meet mimimum employement legislation. 


The People4Success in-business People and Compliance Audit is undertaken by one of our trained professionals and examines whether your business systems mean you meet the minimum ‘people’ requirements in your business and also looks at whether the people side of your business is set up to deliver the objectives you want.

It will give you the reassurance you need that you’re business has got things right or identify the gaps and make recommendations on how to address them.

After the audit we can then work with you to help you set up good people management systems in your business or you could become one of our ‘People Plus’ businesses where we manage your payroll and people systems for you. 

MBIE are claiming employers can be fined up to $10,000 as individuals and $20,000 for companies if they fail to comply with employment laws.


Let us help you operate with the confidence that your business is not at risk.


Business Confidence HR Audit 


ü Values & Business Objectives

ü Organisation Structure & Role Expectations 

ü Recruitment & Employment Practices 

ü Health & Safety

ü Leave & Pay Entitlements 

ü Performance, Development & Succession 

ü Business People KPIs




ü Well done - All clear

ü Here are some tools to help

ü Here's how we can help you 


From as little as $1,000 plus GST for a full audit - can you afford not to call?