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Application for For Line Mechanic

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Have you ever suffered from any accident or injury requiring time off work from a role similar to that which you are currently seeking*
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If yes give details
In your past employment have you ever been exposed to Noise (excessive or prolonged periods) Asbestos, Poisonous Metals (lead, mercury, other toxic metals), Solvents, Skin irritants, Infectious materials*
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For the purpose of compliance with the Privacy legislation, do you consent to People 4 Success seeking verbal or written information on a confidential basis about yourself from the referees you nominate, and authorise the information sought to be released by them to us for the purposes of ascertaining your suitability for the position your are applying for?**
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I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the answers that I have provided to the questions in this application form are correct and I understand that if any false or deliberately misleading information is given or any material fact suppressed, I will not be accepted for employment. If such information or fact is discovered after I have been employed, my employment will be terminated. I also understand that any false information given in relation to my medical history may result in my loss of entitlement for any compensation from ACC.*
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