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In this issue...
  • Health and Safety Changes - Choosing between a Crash Diet and lasting change strategies
  • Kill Performance Ratings
  • Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce is looking for a new CEO!
  • Employee of the Month!

Health and Safety Changes...

Recent headlines regarding impending health and safety reforms are focusing on compliance and not the real issue, which is how do businesses embrace a safety culture that delivers a productive and healthy work environment.

The creation of the ‘Officer’ category in the Bill (due to come into effect in early 2016) represents an attempt to ensure that H&S is on the agenda at the top table within all organisations and that the organisation’s health and safety strategy is lead from the top.  For small to medium sized businesses this means owners and senior operators within the business will need to:

  • Have knowledge and keep abreast of health and safety matters
  • Gain an understanding of the hazards and risks associated with the business or undertaking
  • Ensure appropriate resources are available to eliminate or minimise risks
  • Ensure appropriate processes are in place for receiving and responding to information regarding incidents, hazards and risks and for     complying with obligations
  • To verify that the resources and processes being provided are in use

An officer who breaches their duty in this regard may be subject to up to five year’s imprison or a fine of up to $600,000.  This is significantly more than the current fines within the Act and, whilst business leaders need to be mindful of this, the reality that organisations who have taken their Health and Safety responsibilities seriously up until now don’t have much to fear from the new legislation.  It is however a shot over the bows of organisations who aren’t in good shape to ‘go to the gym’ and get in shape, not to do a crash diet and think this will deliver long-term success.

But what does getting in shape mean?

It means leaders in the business putting H&S at the top of their business agenda and committing to keeping it there.  At No8HR we are passionate about this process, about increasing mindfulness of the importance of everyone’s health, safety and welfare and this becoming simply ‘part of what we do’ around here…not a nod to ticking the compliance box.  

So by all means sign up for the safety forms and signage if you’re looking for the crash diet, but if you’re up for lasting change that will ultimately deliver a self managing Health and Safety culture in your business then talk to us about how we can help.

Kill Performance Ratings

Found this….anyone who has ever scored ‘average’ in a performance review will nod and say ‘that’s interesting.’  Come on I say, let’s change the world!


Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce is looking for a new CEO!

The Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce CEO is moving on so opportunity knocks for a skilled and committed ‘all rounder’ to enact the organisations new strategic plan and lead them through their next stage of growth.

As a key provider of training, networking and advocacy to businesses in the Te Awamutu area they need an energetic and locally connected person to deliver a year round programme to financial members and the wider business community.

For more information have a look on our website or give Lee Astridge a call on 021 544 020 to discuss.

People Manager and Employee of the Month for November 2015

Congratulations to our Employee of the Month - Brenda Whitehead, Despatch Manager at Growing Spectrum. Brenda's been with Growing Spectrum for 22 years which is a considerable contribution. Peter Fraser had the following to say -

"Brenda started work at Growing Spectrum as a labourer in our production team. After four years there was a position in our despatch department which Brenda moved to. Having worked in all weathers despacthing plants the next progression was to an office position of Despacth Team Leader with a team of 4 people despatching 250,000 plants annually.

After brief times away to have her family Brenda has returned to the position she does so well! Now Brenda has 2 Sales Reps, 3 Truck Drivers and 7 despatch staff under her direction as she lifts and despatches some 500,000 plants annually throughout the country.  Brenda is the first line of contact at Growing Spectrum, her cheerful nature and laughter affect everyone in contact with her from management to staff to our customers.

No one is more deserving of recognition than Brenda, our delightful despatch manager and employee at Growing Spectrum."

Our People Manager for the Month is Branch Manager, Shane Blackwell from The Honda Shop. Shane's been with the company for over 20 years and Anthony Wanoa, General Manager, had this to say -

"I have had the joy of working with Shane for the past year and a half and I have seen him grow both personally and professionally.

Shane demonstrates a willingness to please and always goes the extra mile, no matter what he is faced with he just takes it in his stride and gets the job done.

Shane is a very motivated Manager and is able to get the best out of his team. Thanks Shane!"

Congratulations to Brenda and Shane. You guys are doing a fantastic job!

If you would like to nominate an Employee or your Team Leader/Manager please go to our website for a nomination form, or give us a call on 870 5402.