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  • When times are tough and things need to change...
  • In tough times everyone works harder...our August Employee of the Month
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When times are tough and things need to change...we want to help...

The dairy farming economy is affecting many of us in our rural communities.  With this in mind we want to help.    During September we’re offering clients a special 5-4-5 special: Five hours consulting services for $500 (plus GST) – less than half price!

You can use your five hours however you want and we know that top of mind for most business owners is change.  Most of our conversations with clients at the moment are about finding a way through these tough times and the impact this might have on the people in the business.

These are difficult thoughts and even more difficult conversations to have and we are urging clients to make sure that they handle any change process well.  Whether this is about potential redundancies, changes of duties or doing new / alternative things, change has to be managed well if the employer and employee are to come through the process positively.

If you are considering redundancies or any other substantial change with your employees you need to have a good reason to make the change and you need to follow a fair process when you think about implementing the change. 

A fair process includes consulting with your staff and taking into account their views before you make a final decision.  You need to consult about the change and consider the potential impact on the staff members, talk to them about any alternatives and give them time to consider their position and the opportunity to have representation or a support person with them through the process.

This can feel like a lot to remember and having clear objectives and records around what you are trying to achieve and the process you’re following is essential. 

Changes like these are difficult for employers and employees and the last thing you want to do is end up in a dispute, so it is important to make sure that any change process is robust and achieves the result you need for your business.

Give us a call for a confidential discussion about what you’re thinking and how we might be able to help.  Our 5-4-5 discount in September means you get significant savings on our HR consulting services to help you get through changes in your business safely.

Five hours consulting for $500 (plus GST).  Valued at up to $1125 this offer is about providing you with the support you need to navigate your way through change.  Talk to us today about limiting your risks and getting things done so you can sleep easier.  Please note that on-farm or in-business visits may incur additional travel expenses.   

Employee and People Manager of the Month

This months Employee of the Month winner is Haley Quinn from Manuka Health NZ Ltd. Haley was nominated by her manager Donna Coupland. Donna said “Haley has been a part of our team for 5 years. In this time, never once has she failed one of our valued customers. She constantly goes above and beyond to ensure that their questions are answered and they have what they need.

Manuka Health has experienced significant growth and Haley has taken on many new challenges with enthusiasm.  Her workload has increased significantly and this has been greeted with her usual can do attitude.

Haley is a valued and trusted employee, popular in the workplace for her helpfulness and kind nature.

This months People Manager of the Month winner is Simon McVie from Edmonds Judd Lawyers Simon was nominated by Litigation Partner Chris Grenfell. Chris said “Simon has recently been working exceptionally hard to expand our firm into our Otorohonga office. At times this has stretched Simon to exhaustion, however, he has maintained an extraordinarily level of care towards all employees and their respective needs. Put simply, Simon's staff are happy, and that is why we deliver top class legal services in a relaxed and friendly manner to our clients.”

Congratulations Haley and Simon!

If you would like to nominate an Employee or your Team Leader/Manager please go to our website for a nomination form, or give us a call on 870 5402

Keep talking (and making others feel significant)

And on the subject of tough times, under pressure the fundamental human ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ drive engages and for many of us the most obvious symptom of ‘flight’ is that we withdraw from those around us; we become quiet and turn into ourselves.

There are lots of reasons for this, from not wanting to hear ourselves keep saying the same things over and over again, to stoically thinking we need to resolve this ourselves, to simply not having anything to say….and if you’re a bloke this tendency is even more hard wired as you’re programmed to open your mouth once you have the solution, where-as women open their mouths to find the solution (yes, we all know there is truth in that women are from venus men are from mars concept).

My passion for everyone during any busy period and in any period of stress (which many businesses are under at the moment) is to continue to have conversations.    Put some time aside to review your day with your partner, keep talking and develop the skill of listening without interruption or judgment.

Everyone strives for significance and for most of us this is achieved at home with our loved ones…make sure you give time to this for everyone in your family and, when you get a moment, think about how you can help your team feel significant too….